Public Speaking Essentials Course | How to Craft Your Personal Story | 100% Free Course

Public Speaking Essentials Course

Public Speaking Essentials Course: In this free premium certification neophytes will be able to Learn:

Discover how to engage and intrigue your audiences right from the beginning of any speech.

Develop powerful personal stories through action-ready lectures that will help you RIGHT NOW!

Discover time-saving techniques while writing a speech.

Develop effect techniques to recognize personal story opportunities

Understand what information you need to know before writing a speech.

Improve your VERY NEXT SPEECH with a course that is 25% theory and 75% ACTION.

Public Speaking Essentials Course:


  • View these lectures with a journal or notepad so you can record and develop personal story ideas.


Would you like to tell personal stories that impact and engage any audience?

How would you like to use your own PERSONAL STORIES to leave a lasting impression with any kind of group?

You don’t have to be a TED Talks speaker to benefit from the practical, action-ready lessons in this course.

All you need is a willingness to develop your own personal stories.

I have been a classroom teacher for 13 years, and I’ve spoken to groups of 10’s and groups of 1000’s, and one thing that I’ve learned through all of my experience is:

Audiences connect better to personal stories.

Studies of the brain show that personal storytelling engages an audience significantly more than just communicating facts and statistics.

In this course, I will show you the SIMPLE ACTIONS you need to take to make your own personal stories more engaging, more intriguing, and more memorable.

In this course you will:

* Understand the dramatic affect that storytelling has on public speaking

* 5 things to consider before crafting your personal stories

* 5 steps to writing an engaging personal story

* How to use your stories in a speech

All in all, this course will give you the tools to develop great personal stories and the understanding of how to incorporate them into any speech.

ENROLL TODAY, and get the benefit of Udemy’s 100%, 30-day Money-back Guarantee!

Who this course is for:

  • Public speakers, teachers, business men/women, or anyone who wants tell better stories will benefit from this well-structured and action-ready course.
  • This course is recommend for anyone who wants to engage the imagination of audiences both large and small.

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