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PowerPoint for Beginners Course

PowerPoint for Beginners Course: In this free premium certification candidates will learn:

Understand basic PowerPoint usage

Understand how animation in Microsoft PowerPoint work

Easily navigate through PowerPoint and learn it’s basic functionality

You will be 100% equipped to easily understand any of my other PPT courses

Believe in their skills and be confident while designing

PowerPoint for Beginners Course


  • PowerPoint on PC or MAC (the newer the better, 2016, 2019 or 365)
  • No prior experience or knowledge is required


This course is intended for beginner and inexperienced designers, who aspire to learn Microsoft PowerPoint for professional or private use. No matter if you want to add a new skill to your portfolio, create videos, impress at work or start beeing an online entrepreneur. If you have very little experience with the software or are a total beginner and this will be the first time you open the software – this is the right course for you!

It’s your best shot at getting on the right track to becomming a pro in the quickest possible way. I am releasing this content totally FREE of charge because it is also intended to be a prequel to any of my existing and future premium courses. So I am both helping people and making sure that I have a point I can direct people to if they never used PowerPoint 🙂


The course has 2 main goals here which I explain right at the beginning and am completely open about:

  1. I want you to get familiar with PowerPoint and teach you a little bit about the program itself and its animation features.
  2. I want to make sure that in case you are interested in my premium courses but are not sure about my teaching style, the pace of my lectures and if you will be prepared enough to enroll them you will be 100% equipped to do so after taking this course.

Sometimes people did ask me to make a very basic introduction to PowerPoint – and I believe such a little Crash Course is the perfect way to be released as free content since you can ensure that you will have the neccesary “prequel” knowledge to understand any other, more advanced course.

All of my courses are fairly beginner friendly but in case you would struggle I encourage you to take this course first to see how it is. If you already know everything that is taought here – you are overqualified and ready to go 🙂


What this course IS, and what this course ISN’T. Please read to not be dissapointed!

  • It is a very basic and brief introduction into the software and it’s animation features
  • It is very beginner friednly
  • It is aimed for people with little or no prior tech experience or knowledge of PowerPoint
  • It isn’t an advanced powerpoint course
  • It isn’t a complex, insightful explanation of all powerpoint features
  • It isn’t suitable for advanced powerpoint users – if you understand the basics you do not need to take this course

I think I am very clear with my message about the intentions of the course, what is beeing taought here and who is it for. Some of the features you will learn here are bext viewed by reading through the lecture curriculu,.


Some features I want to explain here:

  • What is PowerPoint, what is it used for and the difference between its versions
  • Explaining the interface, how to add slides, save presentations and export them to video
  • Adding & editing shapes, text, pictures and designing an entire slide
  • Using both transitions and animations including all their types and changed timings
  • Creating an entire animation sequence for a slide
  • and of course some more features along the way 🙂

I highly encourage you to take this course and have some fun inside PowerPoint with me, see you inside! Enroll now!

Who this course is for:

  • People who are beginners or never used PowerPoint
  • Anyone who would like to learn basics about the software and it’s animation features
  • People who are serious about acquiring a new skill set and adding one more design tool to their portfolio

How to Enroll For PowerPoint Course?

To enroll for PowerPoint course you may sign up on Udemy.com and then they must log in there. Click the link provided below to avail this course for free.

  1. Sign Up on Udemy.com
  2. To Join this course : Click Here

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