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Foundation Skills for Meditation Practice | Learn How to find comfort | Free Course


Foundation Skills for Meditation Practice: In this free premium certification candidates will learn:

You will know the difference between Concentration & Meditation

You will know how to prepare the body to be comfortable and settled while practicing meditation

You will know how to handle internal or external distraction while practicing meditation

You will know 6 major types of meditation

You will have a meditation journal started to track your progress and growth

Foundation Skills for Meditation Practice:


  • Simply the desire to start a meditation practice, no prior experience needed


This course starts with the most important FOUNDATION SKILLS that students need to start an enjoyable meditation practice.  This includes how to handle distraction, how to find a comfortable position and how to physically prepare yourself before meditation.  Without these basic skills beginners can become frustrated and often give up …thinking “I am just not good at meditation”. If you have ever had that thought then this course is for you!  We will learn the skills and tricks that can help everyone to become “successful” meditators and reap the numerous benefits of regular meditation practice!

Once you have the foundation skills in place we will work through 6 common meditation techniques. Throughout this process we will also utilize the practice of “meditation journaling” to help us gain a deeper understanding of meditation & what technique is best for YOU!

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Who this course is for:

  • Anyone interested in starting to meditate, but are unsure where to start
  • Anyone that has tried meditation but become frustrated because they could not “turn off their mind”
  • Those looking for tools to manage stress, anxiety or depression
  • Those looking for skills to improve mental focus and clarity

How to Enroll For Meditation  Course?

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